Stars Wretched and the Lost Girls

by Renée Forrester

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a collection of old recordings from highschool, when i went under the name "Stars Wretched"


released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Renée Forrester British Columbia

Renee is a solo artist residing on Salt Spring Island, BC.

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Track Name: What's Left
I wish that you could see everything about me
I wish that you could see one thing about me
that I don't show to everyone I know
I wish that you could see everything about me
I wish that you could see one thing that I don't show to everyone ik now

I feel like you're all I have
and I feel like this is what's left
It's gotten past the point of joking
it's gotten past the point of being out in the open
it's gotten far beyond joking
and it's not funny anymore

I feel like we're all that we have
and I feel like this is what's left

Now you're leaving us here to our cubbies
where we live with our liquor
where we drink with our dreams
and I wonder will I miss you?
like you'll miss me

and I feel like i'm all I've ever had
and even Chrissy couldn't make me feel loved
couldn't make me feel like I was ever enough

This is where we started at
this is where it all began
this is what we started with
and this is where its going to end

this isn't what we came for
this isn't what we had
this is what we look like when we're really fucking sad
i don't want your kisses
no i don't want your love
just give me some of that vodka and for now thatll be enough
Track Name: Little Girl
Little girl, you don't understand what they want from you
You don't see what you're expected to you
Little girl, you think that they're right
Little girl, you gotta learn how to fight
But I can see why you're trying to be this image that they've created for you
And you'll see that outer beauty's not all that it's cracked up to be
And you'll find that you're not loved for you are sometimes.

I remember in elementary we used to play and just be so darn happy
Then junior high came and we were all pressured into drugs and drinking, boys and money, what was cool and what was trendy at the time.
Good thing i only felt like that a few times

And we all feel little sometimes
and we've always got those scary monsters waiting by our bedside
and i know it's rude, to call you small but in reality..
in reality aren't we all?
Little girl, I don't see you as a girl,
but more as a human.
Track Name: 5 minutes until your funeral
We only have a few minutes before you have to die again
But I'll be the only one who grieves for your death
And I wish that i could be at your funeral
Cause i know you'll be having fun with or without me
Just like how a healthy person should be
But see, i'm not doing so well now
I've been listening to the same songs
thinking about those same thoughts
thoughts that i have no one to tell
but i'm telling you caught me before I fell
So now i fit that trite stereotype of the helpless woman crying out in the night
But I swear i'm not there yet, It was just a fluke and now I'm back on track.
Cause i'm better than that i can feel my might coming through my skin as I meander in towards that tempting light of pity
Cause your prettiest pictures do not charm me anymore
and it doesn't even take that certain song to make me cry anymore
Cause you know self esteem isn't really the issue anymore cause now that you're gone I've been too busy missing you
and being a powerless girl isn't really all that bothersome knowing that to some extent you must feel powerless too.
So we only have a few minutes before you have to die again but I'll be the only who'll grieve for your death and i wish that i could be at your funeral cause i know you'll be having fun with or without me.
Just like you should be.
Track Name: A Climatic Peak of Dullness
I've reached this climatic peak of dullness
and everything seems to be just okay or often worse
and everytime i look in the mirror it's like someone stole my body
and replaced it with some stranger that i have never seen

and i deserve to be young and carefree
and i think i should be exactly who i think i need to be
and i don't know where i am or what the hell i'm doing here
but you need to let me go, just let me go
and if i need you i'll let you know

and i want to wear my whole soul on sleeve
and i want to be able to always exactly what i mean
and i want my passion to shine in my eyes
and i love to come through in my smile

and i am little and inexperienced
and i don't know much about life
just what i have written
and i am stupid and ignorant sometimes
and it's beginning to feel fine
in an angry sad sort of way

and then all the stupid people danced together
in a celebration of hatred for themselves
Track Name: Here for you
I will be waiting for you to come
I'm not going anywhere so don't you rush
cause i know that you like taking it slow

but something that tells me that this is a waste of my time
that you're really gone this time
and you hold me like you love me
but i know that it's only cold

and sleeping with you is hard enough
but i would not want to be alone
at least im not crying right now
at least i am lying with you again in this bed
and i'll admit that one of us is getting more pleasure
than the other out of this

i will be waiting here for you
im not going anywhere
here for you
cause i know you like taking it slow
i just want to be your home!
Track Name: The Egypt Song
The Egyptians were led by theocracy
pharaoh ruled all the land as god allmighty
but don't get me wrong, they were polytheistic
they had many gods, like Nut and Khepri
Now Geb was a man, and Bes was a dwarf
he aided mothers in childbirth
and he was associated with
now who was he associated with ??
it was hathor! the goddess of fertility!
of music, dance and alcohol,
of love and sexuality
I bet they all had a crush on her
Now everyone would wear their wigs
with cones of incense deep within
theyd paint their makeup thick and black
their linen clothes were made from flax
and I also know that they drank lots of beer!
And the ankh, was a sign of divine power to give life
and the book of the dead helped guide your soul into the after life
into the hall of Osiris!
and Anubis, jackal-headed, weighed your heart against a feather
For Amit who would swallow it whole,
if you did not satisfy the gods,
you'd no longer have your soul
The Egyptians were led by theocracy
Pharoah ruled all the land as god almighty
So when a king died, he'd be mummified
theyd pull out his brains, and they'd leave his heart
The most important part by far
Track Name: Your Bright Eyes
Your bright eyes calm me down
You look inside and my earth resounds
The familiarity of distraction drives me mad
and it weighs me down in these patterns
of a shallow, a shallow land

But tonight, you're on the road
and you don't know which way to go
Feed your soul, let the real you be in control
Take to the light, and you'll always feel allright
Raise your mind,
How much can I take?
You brighten my day!
You show me the way!

Your bright eyes calm me down
you look inside and my earth resounds
Take me to the place where love matters
where all the darkness gently fades
and no longer will I wonder how to find that special space

So baby help me decide
how to undertake this trial
my whole being cries for some peace of mind